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Plug is Pulled on Plan to Bring Effective Tax Practices to a Faraway Planet

Faris Fink, the commissioner of IRS’s Small Business and Self-Employment Division has caused a major uproar by his portrayal of the Vulcan commander on a mission to bring effective tax practices to a faraway planet. The video was the opening act for an IRS conference in Anaheim, California that has cost the taxpayers a whopping $4.1 million with $50,000 spent on the production of two videos. Further, an audit uncovered 225 conferences that the IRS held during the fiscal years 2010 to 2012 costing us a staggering $49 million. What was it the Beatles said?

Let me tell you how it will be

There’s one for you, nineteen for me

‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman

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