5 Reasons to E-File Your Income Tax Return Soon!

Did you know you can e-file your income tax return to save time?

Some taxpayers go the old route of filing paper tax returns. This is a great time to implement electronic filing. Since the April tax deadline is very close, this is the as good a time as any to e-File with the IRS. This blog lists 5 reasons why you should e-file your income tax return soon.

E-filing is Accurate

E-File helps taxpayers prevent errors, such as a wrong Social Security number. The IRS will confirms receipt of the tax return, usually with in minutes of filing, when a Taxpayer e-Files. And, when the IRS rejects a return, the confirmation will detail why the IRS did not accept the tax return.

E-filing is Secure

E-File Your Income Tax Return, secure, safe

E-file meets the strictist security protocols. With the most modern encryption, the technology protects your tax information. Also, the IRS continues to work with states and influential tax industry software companies to secure your personal information from identity theft. This technology helps implement strong safety measures making tax filing a safe and secure choice.

Conveniently E-File Your Income Tax Return

efiling your income tax is convenient

Commercial tax software is available to every taxpayer who chooses to e-File from their home computer. These tax software packages will ask the tax preparer to e-file the tax return. Of course, we strongly recommend every person consider hiring a tax professional so that there are no missed deductions that could push you over the new tax threshhold.

Get Your Refund Faster 

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Did you know that e-filing your tax return, gets you a quicker refund? And, direct depositing that refund is a good idea too! Taxpayers usually receive the money in less than 21 days in most situations. However, when a taxpayer mails a paper tax return to the IRS, and they expect a refund check by mail, typically it takes 6 weeks. In addition, because these are more accurate, there most likely won’t be any delays. The IRS will usually hold-up a tax return due to errors that the auditor finds, needs a correction.

Everyone Loves Free

5 Reasons to E-File Your Income Tax Return. efiling is free, free e-file

Are you elderly or low income and do you need help to e-file your income tax return? The IRS.gov website has an IRS Free File program available for you. And, there are IRS volunteers programs that offer e-filing returns for free for those who meet the qualifications.

Volunteer Tax Help

5 Reasons to E-file Your Income Tax Return, volunteer tax preparers, volunteer tax assistance, tax help

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance offers free tax preparation to person whose earnings are $55,000 or less in the previous year. Also, there is a special program to assist the elderly, known as Tax Counseling for the Elderly. Individuals age 60 or older, usually qualify for this benefit. And, what’s great is regardless if you pay or receive a refund, you get this offer.

Do you need help to e-file your income tax return?

Taxpayers who owe taxes can e-File early and set up an automatic payment on any day until the April deadline. They can pay electronically from their bank account with IRS Direct Pay. Taxpayers can visit IRS.gov for information on other payment options. Or, call Alex Franch, BS EA at 781.849.7200 or email the office at contactus@worthtax.com to schedule your appointment. Alex is an enrolled agent with the IRS> You may also go online and schedule your appointment now.

Alex Franch, BS EA

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