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12 Easy Ways to Get Your Personal Finances in Shape for 2019

Do you want to learn about 12 easy ways to get your personal finances in shape for 2019?

Yes, there really are 12 easy ways to get your personal finances in shape for 2019. It’s always a good idea to do an annual review of your personal financial habits. Regardless, whether you’re diligent about paying bills and saving or you’ve fallen behind and never opened a savings account. Everybody needs to re-evaluate from time to time, and there’s no time like the New Year.  Continue reading


Emergency Savings: 67% of People Don’t Even Have $500 Emergency Fund

Are You Among the 67% Who Don’t Have $500 for an Emergency Savings or Emergency Fund?

Alarmingly isn’t it? Everyone should have an emergency fund. Only 37% of Americans have enough emergency savings to pay for a $500 crisis. That is roughly 4 in 10 Americans have something to cover an emergency. And that is a small emergency like a car repair or broken appliance. What about something major like a root canal or repairing a roof from wind damage? Continue reading