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Who can I speak to about my return?

If you have a question or need to provide missing information, you should speak directly with your preparer. We believe every return should be handled by a qualified preparer. After your appointment, if a change of preparer is made, the new preparer will call you to introduce him or herself and will follow up with any missing information. From that moment, this specialized preparer will be your point of contact.

What happens if you do not have all of the information required to complete my return?

Tax documents may only be delivered via a secure website, email, mail, fax, or drop-off. Please see the contact us page for our address, phone number, and fax number. Please keep verbal information to a minimum to avoid confusion.

How long will it take to complete my return after all information is received?

This process generally takes approximately one to two weeks, assuming we are provided with all of the information we require. The preparer will complete your return and forward it along to a senior team member. This team member will check the return, line by line, to ensure its accuracy. At this point we may have additional questions or require more information to complete your return. Next, the return will be given to a processor who checks data such as EINs, SSNs and DOBs. The processor is also responsible for putting the final return in booklet form.

What happens if I have questions regarding my return after I get home?

If any questions arise, you may email your questions to contactus@worthtax.com or call (781) 849-7200 and ask to speak with your preparer. If you have any pricing or client service issues, please call and ask to speak to the client service department.

How can I check on the status of my refund?

For the Federal refund, you can visit www.irs.gov or you can call 1-800-829-4477. For your State refund, you can visit www.mass.gov or call 1-800-325-1055.

What is e-filing?

Electronic tax filing (or e-filing) is a process through which completed tax returns are transmitted to the Internal Revenue Service and Massachusetts Department of Revenue over a secure electronic connection, generally without the need to submit any paper documents.

Do I have to e-file?

Yes. With the passage of the Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009, the IRS now requires professional tax preparers to e-file, as the Massachusetts Department of Revenue has for several years now. E-filing is a faster, more efficient, and more accurate way to file your return.

What is the purpose of e-file forms?

Before we electronically file your taxes, the IRS and Massachusetts Department of Revenue require that e-file forms be signed by all parties and returned to us. You may take home the e-file forms for signatures after the tax return is paid for in full. Do not send your e-file forms to the IRS or Massachusetts DOR as it will not file your return.

Can I fax a signed e-file form?

Yes. The IRS now allows e-file forms to be faxed, emailed, or submitted through a secure website.

What if the system rejects my e-filed return?

Occasionally a return will be rejected by the e-file system. This can happen for many reasons, and we handle each situation on a case by case basis. If the problem is beyond our control, we will send a paper version of the return to the IRS and/or Massachusetts Department of Revenue at no additional charge.

What is a confirmation statement and why would I need to sign one?

A confirmation statement is a way to protect you and our firm should you get audited. If we have any questions about the information provided, we will ask you to sign a confirmation statement to verify it. These statements are for internal use only and are kept in your personal file.

When do I have to pay any taxes I owe?

Your payment is due on April 15th, regardless of when your return is filed.

If I opt for a phone interview, when should I expect a call?

We strive to call within three business days after we receive your information, and to have a maximum wait time of ten business days. Our timeline ensures every client receives the time and attention they deserve. We will make our greatest effort to call during the times specified on your drop-off envelope; however, we may call outside of those times if we are unable to reach you.

How do I receive my return?

During the phone interview, you will be given the option to pick up your return at either of our offices or have it mailed directly to you. If you wish to receive your tax return in the mail, we can send it out via USPS Priority at no charge. Payment is due prior to taking home or mailing out the return. We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards.

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