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My Worth Plan: Tax Planning Checklist

Tax minimization is just the beginning of a holistic approach to ensure your long term success and well-being. So we invest the time, from May through December, to help our clients focus on their most important financial goals and the strategies needed to achieve them.

New Perspectives, New Answers
Our new clients tell us they have spent years trying to interpret the conflicting tax and financial advice from multiple providers who seem to have a bias toward a particular product or service. The results: unnecessary confusion, increased cost and missed opportunities.

My Worth Plan is different because our multi-disciplined approach is independent, unbiased and focused solely on our clients' objectives which may include:

  • Prioritizing their financial goals
  • Identifying cost saving opportunities
  • Confirming areas of financial strength
  • Solving their most complex problems
  • New strategies and integrated resources
  • A summarized improvement “to do” list
  • A self-paced timeline for the current year